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BFT Icaro Rack And Pinion Slide Gate Operator 230volt - 4400LBS
BFT Icaro Rack And Pinion Slide Gate Operator 230volt - 4400LBS

BFT Icaro Rack And Pinion Slide Gate Operator 230volt - 4400LBS

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Part Number:BFT Icaro 230volt - 4400LBS

BFT Icaro sliding gates openers

Electromechanical Automation For Rack Sliding Gates


  • Incorporated two-channel rolling code radio receiver, plug-in connector for connection of a second receiver.
  • Control unit with self-learning and selfdiagnostic functions of the parameters: brake, torque, obstruction detection.
  • Control unit compatible with the EELink protocol.

  • Thanks to the obstruction sensing device, the operator reverses motion and prevents damage to people and vehicles in the event of contact.

  • Incorporated control unit positioned frontally for easier accessibility.
  • Control unit programming by LCD display.
  • 24V DC and 120V AC electromechanical operators for residential & commercial use for gate up to 1,100Lbs with Deimos BT and 2,200Lbs with Icaro Fast.
  • Electromechanical limit switches (magnetic as option) and electronic slow down system on opening and closing.
  • Control unit (QSC-D for Deimos BT and LEO D MA for Icaro fast)with obstruction detection and built-in receiver.
  • Opening time of 20 foot sliding gate: 30 seconds.

Control panelLEO D (incorporated)
Reversible/irreversible operatorirreversible
Power supply120 V, 60 Hz single-phase
Absorbed power1 hp (750 W)
Thermal protectionintegrated
Leaf speed7.9 ips (12 m/min)
Output rotational speed37 rpm
Pinion pitch4 mm (25 teeth)
Impact reactionelectronic clutch with encoder
Limit switcheselectromechanical
Manual releasemechanical release with knob
Operating cycleintensive use
Environmental conditionsfrom 5°F (-15°C) to 140°F (+60°C)
Degree of protectionIP24
Operator weight56 lb (~25 kg)
Dimensionssee drawing next page

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